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The Facebook page for the Gaurav Patwari’s Pencil work is created, for those who love the art of sketch, drawing and more.

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Field Kick – off Meeting (FKOM) held at Bangalore was amazing experience to have.

ABAP has a Logo Now

Check it out guys the SAP ABAP Logo:

Pride for you all again:

As a way of saying thank you, this page features SAP SDN Active Contributors for the year 2009. Active Contributors are community members who have earned over 250 points in a single year through contribution to blogs, wikis, forums and the document libraries. These are highly active and valuable community members contributing exciting new information, writing about tips and tricks, contributing code samples to solve challenging situations, and answering some of the community’s toughest questions.

So, to all Active Contributors, a hearty THANK YOU for all of you outstanding contributions during 2009. We look forward to seeing you in the community and continuing our lively and engaging conversations!


Gaurav Patwari (SAP Business Card)

The Pride for You all:

The Blog posted by Gaurav Patwari to SAP SDN community is listed in Top 25 List for the Month of December.

Click here to visit the Blog and The Top 25 Blogs are available on this page.

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SAP SDN Contribution:
  • The SAGA : MS Excel, Macros, RFC & Data Fetching (Click here) Dec. 27, 2009 11:51 PM
  • ABAP Concepts: Simple ABAP Concept – I The Module on Exit Command in Module Pool (Click Here) Jan. 11, 2010 01:14 AM
  • Change the data element text of standard Data element CMOD (Click Here)
  • Adobe Forms: The First Step: SFP T-code the Adobe Form Builder (Click here)
  • Executing Program in Backgroun: ALV Grid Output Program – Output in Background for a Report/Program (Click here)
  • PA Custom Infotype Development (Click here)
  • SAP ABAP Runtime Analysis – SE30 (Click here)
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